Pedagogical Management: Foundation wannseeFORUM Berlin

                As an institution, the Foundation wannseeFORUM represents core democratic values. It is not affiliated with any party, religion, or interest group. We stand for cosmopolitanism, diversity and equal rights for all, regardless of gender, religion, social, or cultural origins. Our unique profile exists in order to consolidate political and cultural education. The wannseeFORUM Foundation works as a cooperative partner with other institutions, both at home and abroad. We view ourselves as a reliable partner, working in committee with other establishments and organizations. Together we help to implement projects and ideas, taking an active part in social discourse and present-day issues. Our educational resources are directed first and foremost towards youth, as well as adults working with youth. We see ourselves as experts from a diverse group of occupations, seeking to inspire and support young people, helping them to engage in critical discourse with the world around them. In doing so, we take their views and insights seriously. Mutual understanding is the prerequisite for a reciprocal learning process, which in turn leads to new insights. We are, however, not satisfied with tepid mutual accolades, but seek to foster a productive and sometimes confrontational working style. The arts and new media help make it easier for youth to present their own positions comprehensibly. As well as expanding cognitive skills, our seminars aim to promote growth and awareness in the realm of social and emotional education. We are rooted in modern adult education, and artists and theatre teachers are often participating as partners in the teaching/learning process. Advanced training is generally product-oriented, with a final presentation as the objective.

Artistic Direction: HASENHERZ or the Pleasures of Moving Images and Words

                Since 2012, Ruth Anderwald has been leading the association HASENHERZ or the Pleasures of Moving Images and Words, together with Leonhard Grond, which hosts a nomadic screening- and discussion series based on Arnold Schönberg's Verein für musikalische Privataufführung. The HASENHERZ series has been a visiting event for two years at the Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten Graz, one year at the Kunsthalle Wien, as well as at the Whitechapel Gallery London, the Videonale Bonn, the Europäisches Forum Alpbach, the Kunstraum LAKESIDE Klagenfurt, Station Service Belgrade, Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv, Festival Diagonale'17, Kunsthaus Graz, and the School for Independent Film. Aside from the development of the screening and discussion format in terms of audience development, artistic disciplines, and youth work, the association also publishes, curates, and realizes interdisciplinary works of art. The initiators Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond have been working as a collective in the fields of visual art and artistic research since 1999. Their works are shown internationally, including Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai; Tate Modern, London; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; mumok Vienna. Anderwald has been involved in youth work for many years, for example, in the Young Science program, in which she encourages young people to engage in art and artistic research.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

                The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb is an internationally acclaimed museum of contemporary art with a focus on post-1950 contemporary art and artistic research. Since many years, the museum has been engaged in ambitious youth work and participated in the EU project Museum as a Toolbox, which together with young people aimed to find out what a museum of contemporary art can look like in their eyes and what it has to do with contemporary life itself. In this project, the museum in Zagreb will participate with a youth group, as well as contribute to the content, to administrative and exhibition activities within the resources of the museum.

Museion, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bozlano

                Museion is a museum of contemporary art in the Italian Alps, which presents solo shows of top international artists whilst, at the same time, dedicating space to younger, up-coming artists. Museion is committed to being as open and approachable as possible for all and offers a rich programme of events for all ages for both experts and non-experts. Over the years, the museum has activated projects also beyond its exhibition spaces. For example, works from the collection and site-specific projects are presented in the Little Museion: Cubo Garutti an open, public exhibition space in the city’s suburbs.  Each site-specific project directly involves the local community and, more recently, in particular youths. An example is the project Liliana Moro, On Air, 2018, in which consisted of the artist working closely with a group of local youths to find ways for them to connect the peripheral area of Bolzano to the city centre and to the main Museion building. Since 2015 Museion has been building up a youth group, in which members can participate in artist workshops, studio visits, mini-jobs, behind the scenes, hands-on experiences and the chance to propose and realize projects at Museion.

The Center of Contemporary History Melk Memorial

                The Center of Contemporary History Melk Memorial, supported by the association MERKwürdig(reMARKable), organizes a series of events against violence and oblivion, and is dedicated on the one hand to the scientific investigation of open questions on the history of the Melk concentration camp and the greater Melk area, and on the other hand to educational work at the memorial site, in the Erlauf Erinnertmuseum and in the greater Melk area. Another focus is the support of organisations of former prisoners and other visiting groups from Austria and abroad. The organisation and realization of the annual memorial service, as well as the administration and maintenance of the Melk concentration camp memorial site on behalf of the Federal Institute Mauthausen are further focal points of their activities.

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HASENHERZ or the Pleasures of Moving Images and Words

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

Museion, museum of modern and contemporary art, Bolzano

Center of Contemporary History Melk Memorial