Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation is an interdisciplinary project in the fields of political and cultural youth education, the arts and remembrance cultures. In an international youth encounter, European artists are engaging young people in co-creative processes to create collaborative artworks dealing with resistance and liberation. The starting point for the interdisciplinary project Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation are songs, poems, graffiti or other cultural creations dedicated to the theme of resistance and liberation from the period between 1939 and 1945, and that continue to exert their power today (e.g. the song Bella Ciao). Works of art, are not only mirrors of the time in which they were created or achieved popularity, but continue to have significance and meaning today, even though their context may change. Nevertheless, why were there resistance fighters at all? Where were they active and how? What is their history? Why are their works powerful? What significance did they have back then, and what significance do they have today? How can these works be critically questioned?

              In the project Art Works!, artists and youth groups of the participating partner institutions (Museion Bozen, Melk Memorial, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, wannseeFORUM Berlin, HASENHERZ Vienna) will jointly investigate local, historical artworks and translate them into a collective artwork in a co-creative process with significance for the here and now. Three phases are planned for this process:

︎ Local research on-site (Berlin, Bolzano, Melk, Zagreb, from Winter 2019/20)

︎ International Youth Exchange and Workshops (Melk, May 2020)

︎ Exhibitions of the jointly created works (Berlin, Bozen, Melk, Zagreb from May 2020)

Photograph by Edith Tudor-Hart © Wolf Suschitzky & Family