November 2025: Publication The Arts of Resistance

May/June 2025: Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Spring 2025: Art in Public Space Braunschweig

Autumn 2024: Local research on-site (Braunschweig, Vienna, Zagreb)

August 25 - September 2 2024: International Exchange and Workshops, University of Applied Arts Vienna

May - July 2024: Local research on-site (Braunschweig, Vienna, Zagreb)

May 2-4 2024: Multipliers’ meeting in Brauschweig

April 2024: Start of The Arts of Resistance, TAoR

March 20-21 2021: Workshop and Exchange Meeting at HKW, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. ︎ Conference

October 10 - November 2020: Exhibition at MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

July 2020: Internal and external evaluation of the project

June 18 2020 - September 27 2020: Exhibiton at Museion, Bozen.

May 9 2020, 5 pm: Art Works Performances
Online stream of the commemoration and peace celebration. ︎ Stream

May 2020: Online youth meeting, May 3-11 2020. International youth exchange and workshops with artists; creation of artworks.

Winter 2020: Research phase of the youth groups on-site in exchange with artists and carers at the partner institutions.

January/February 2020: Evaluation of the multipliers’ meeting.

January 16-18, 2020: Multipliers’ meeting in Melk, Austria.

Autumn 2019: Local research on-site (Berlin, Bolzano, Melk, Zagreb)

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